Daddy shows his precious little doll how to be a big girl ♡

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It’s true.  I literally asked for bruises this severe, and he revels in reminding me of that every time I whimper in pain.


My daughter was giving me a little lip and I decided she needed to be punished. She responded by saying “It’s not like you can spank me anymore Dad!” I proved that I could indeed still spank her and so much more. 

"Honey, you said you were only going to watch."
"Cmon Dad! Do you really want me to just watch? Cause I don’t."
Aquarius sees possibilities at the edge of the future. Many are ahead-of-their-time as visionaries, trendsetters, inventors, genius-artists, eccentrics, humanitarians. Aquarius has a mental sovereignty that gives them distance from the noise of life. They move in networks, and are very social, though also fiercely private.

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This is a story that happened yesterday. But I know it’s tomorrow.

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